Systemic Co-Design is a network approach. We bring design and the systemic perspective (thinking, doing and feeling) together to tackle complex, unruly societal challenges in order to accelerate transitions. We facilitate, observe, exchange knowledge and experience and learn from joint generative processes in local knowledge centres, learning environments and labs.

The professors involved are leading experts in their field. They explicitly link design to social transitions in networks and are thus frontrunners in a new way of using design. The professors are part of the Network of Applied Design Research (NADR).

With a broad team of (senior) researchers and lecturer-researchers, we work in various knowledge centres and labs to solve social issues through a systemic co-design approach. Education and practice are closely involved.

We work with various partners, such as:

  • social partners, who learn with us what works in co-design and what does not
  • designers in practice, who work on complex social issues and want to deepen their process knowledge and methodologies
    communication and dissemination partners
  • NADR design researchers

Growing network
We are gradually expanding our network. First of all, we already cooperate with regional partners as universities of applied sciences. Through our expertise network, we will connect them. Next, we can cooperate further with other knowledge institutions (MBO, HBO, WO), companies and governments. If you would like to join our network, check out our contact page.