About us

Thanks to a Sia SPRONG Grant, the Expertise Network Systemic Co-design (ESC) brings together research, tools and field partners from four universities of applied sciences and together we will search for a new Systemic Co-design approach to accelerate transitions.

Complex, societal issues
No one can solve today’s major societal challenges alone. Think of climate change, the ageing population, cybercrime and privacy issues. These complex issues require a collective effort to tackle them from different perspectives. This requires a joint approach aimed at the sustainable change of an entire system.

Seven professors from our four collaborating Universities of Applied Sciences started the network to develop such a joint approach. Since 1 March 2022, we and our knowledge centres, labs and regional practice partners have formed the Expertise Network Systemic Co-design (ESC).

Bridging disciplines
With our network we are building a bridge between different disciplines. This is necessary because Systemic Co-Design combines the knowledge and expertise of change management, innovation science, organisational psychology, group dynamics, empathic design, co-design and design thinking. Here, we look specifically at innovations in the fields of circular society, responsible digital society and healthy, social and safe society.

Investigating practical cases
We want to use current applications of the systemic perspective and co-design in new combinations and in other fields, thus validating and deepening them. We pick up cases from practice to learn from them together in practice. Which models, methodologies and working methods can be used to tackle pressing social issues in a new creative way? We want to develop practical tools for companies, governments, knowledge institutions, interest groups and citizens’ initiatives.

Growing network
Together with stakeholders, across all system boundaries, we can start a movement for accelerated social impact. If you are interested in participating in our network please contact our Program manager Frank Evers via Frank.Evers@inholland.nl.

Our Team
Besides the professional partners, the Expertise Network Systemic Co-design (ESC) consists of a team of professors, (senior) researchers and impact makers supported daily by the programme manager and community manager. Together with partners and students, we work and research social issues in various projects, knowledge centres and labs with methods that contribute to Systemic Co-Design.