The major social challenges we face today can not be solved alone, they require a network approach based on different perspectives and a focus on the sustainable changes that need to be made on societal level. The Expertnetwork for Systemic Co-design (ESC) is a program in which we explore the method of systemic co-design. In ESC we work together as a collective group and focus on concrete cases to develop a systemic co-design approach to facilitate transitions needed in society.

Expertnetwork Systemic Co-design (ESC) is a collaboration of five universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Our main goal is to collaboratively explore systemic co-design as a problem-solving approach that helps co-design projects understand the interconnected systems that contribute to a problem and develop interventions that address the root causes of the problem.Thanks to a SIA SPRONG grant ESC is able to bring together research, tools and (design)partners. Partners and the universities of applied sciences work together on a new systemic co-design approach to accelerate transitions.

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  • Hoe kunnen we de stad sociaal en veilig maken?
  • Hoe kunnen we de samenleving duurzaam maken?
  • Hoe kunnen we voelbaar maken wat de gevolgen zijn van klimaatverandering?

We organise small interventions together with our partners, in our labs or knowledge centres. The universities of applied sciences develop larger research projects for which we require grant money. These research projects enable us to develop and combine tools and knowledge from the universities of applied sciences. The goal is to learn and develop together with partners in the field. Twice a year we organise network events, where our partners meet, exchange knowledge and form new alliances


We work together to create and enrich the knowledge and experience of our various research groups. Together we aim to develop a rich network of learning communities, knowledge centres and labs. Stakeholders from professional practice, research, and education are actively involved. 


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If you are feeling inspired or want to find our more, please contact our programme manager for more information. New issues, research projects and network partners, etc. are always welcome.

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