Education in times of Transition


Bas van den Berg, lector Learning for Regeneration at Te Hague University of Applied Science

Who can use Education in Transitions?

Education professionals and teams of education (re)developers

Working in education, you do it from a passion. The passion to see pupils and students grow and become who they really are. Or the need to pass on your love for a particular subject and help the field move forward. But as your professional life progresses, many education professionals find that in addition to that initial passion and love, frustration, stress and powerlessness sometimes come with the job. That they are more often concerned with following rules than with their original ideas about education. More and more teachers and students are wondering: will the field we are currently working in still exist? And, given the state of the world, is it really responsible to continue as before? All over the Netherlands there are educational pioneers who think and prove that things can be done differently. That education can play an essential role in improving our own well-being and that of the planet. Bas van den Berg visited ten of these pioneers and recorded his findings in this book.

How can you use this book in Transitions?
This book can be used by education professionals and teams of educational (re)developers to explore how their own educational practice can be revised to contribute to transitions, using forward-looking stories. The book does this through educational dialogues and design assignments focusing on transforming one’s own educational practice.