Orchestrator / Project manager / Impactmaker

Orchestrator / Project manager / Impactmaker

Would you like to help us make an impact with our use of Systemic Co-Design in research, education and… the real world!We are looking for a project manager in the form of an orchestrator and/or impact maker.

In the coming years, we want to put the network and its methodologies more firmly on the map and expand. For this, it is necessary to start initiatives and projects with existing and new partners that enable us to deploy Systemic Co-Design as a methodology or approach, learn from it and then develop it further.

This is why we are looking for a project manager in the form of an orchestrator and/or impact maker. Someone who knows how to find relevant places where transitions are taking place and understands how our creative practices, research and education can be involved here and vice versa. Someone who independently spots opportunities and explores possibilities, for example within our network but also by visiting other network meetings or symposiums appropriate to Systemic Co-Design and/or our themes: education, health, digital and sustainable. You will help us disseminate our impact within, between and outside the universities of applied sciences!

The main points at a glance:

  • Start date in consultation
  • 24 hours per week
  • A salary of minimum €5,122.09 and maximum €6,698.86 (scale 12) gross per month
  • An easily accessible workplace in Diemen
  • A personal working environment where our students and colleagues are central and we know each other by name
  • Working together with five universities of applied sciences to accelerate transitions

Check out the rest of the vacancy on the website of Inholland, if you have questions or would like to know more, please contact our program manager Frank Evers via 06 1594 4417 or frank.evers@inholland.nl

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25 July 2023