Deelnemers aan de workshop future 2070 tijdens de RSD conferentie op 10 oktober 2023

Voyage '70


Justien Marseille+#@, Jolien van Gorkum+, Jan Willem Buddingh*, Rosemarie Konijnenberg*, **Saar van der Spek, ^@Petra Cremers, ^ Ramila Khafaji Zadeh

+ University of Applied Science Rotterdam, * @Expertisenetwork Systemisch Co-design,  *NEAR – Corporate Strength finders, ** Ontroerende Zaken, # The Future Institute, ^ UNESCO Chair Futures Literacy

The intervention Voyage’70 is a journee 50 years ahead. The intervention activates a joint exploration and experience of alternative futures. The intervention offers tools for dialogue from roles that do not (yet) exist in futures that do not (yet) exist. This links important principles from the Futures Literacy approach to principles from Systemic Co-Design. Participants are encouraged to imagine alternative futures that invites to reinvent the future (FL). Imagining human and non-human roles, such as a park, tree, or a city bench, and engaging in dialogue from these roles connects to the core of Systemic Co-Design: harnessing collective creativity in approaching systemic questions in complex tasks.

The aim of the intervention is to disengage stakeholders in futures studies from obstructive assumptions from the current role and context and to provide a safe (mental) space to arrive at new perspectives, questions, and insights around complex social issues.

The intervention consists of providing and experiencing a reframe (an alternative future), generating empathy with roles relevant in that future and conducting a guided dialogue from these roles. A Being’70 session lasts about 1.5 hours, and is preceded by developing a reframe, naming roles and drafting dialogue questions.

A manual for the intervention is currently being developed. Contact Justien Marseille if you want to know more.