Learning and innovation in networks: a design method and the analogy of music
16 May '24

Learning and innovation in networks: a design method and the analogy of music

Date and Time

May 16th 2024, 14:30 – 16:30


Hogeschool Utrecht, Padualaan 99 3584 CH Utrecht

Session led by:

Remko van der Lugt (Lector Co-Design, University of Applied Science Utrecht), Joep Kuiper (Studio Raakvlak) Marieke Rietbergen (Design Innovation Group), Christof Zürn (Creative Companion / Music Thinking)


Everyone is welcome to participate, please let Majda Buha know you want to join.

Learning and innovation in networks – can you design or even direct it? And what role does music play in this? In this ESCalator, Remko van der Lugt and designer Joep Kuiper dive into this challenge with the following experts: the founder of design strategy agency Design Innovation Group Marieke Rietbergen and Christof Zürn, the founder of Music Thinking.

Working in and on transitions requires connecting, stimulating and, where possible, directing the various activities. In this ESCalator we explore systemic co-design as a way to shape this: using design activities to shape joint learning innovation.

We look at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences as a case study. Here, a movement has started in which networks around areas of expertise/social challenges are becoming increasingly important. The intention is for this to form the fabric that connects initiatives throughout the own organization and beyond.

A concept method has been developed based on Systemic Co-Design that is now being implemented. We would like to take you through the working method, share our first experiences, but above all we would like to see what challenges are involved. One of these is balancing the need for stability on the one hand, to be able to make long-term decisions, and flexibility on the other, to be able to act in the dynamics of the rapidly changing context.

We receive help from two complementary perspectives: Marieke Rietbergen, founder of the Design Innovation Group, shares her experiences with organizing learning and innovation in networks. And Christof Zürn, founder of Music Thinking, explores with us how the analogy of music can help to understand, conduct and orchestrate learning innovation in networks.