Orchestrating Innovation
12 Apr '24

Orchestrating Innovation


12 April 2024 14.00-17.00


Haagse Hogeschool, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, 2521 EN Den Haag


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In this ESCalator, Frank Berkers (ESC-networkpartner TNO & Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) takes us through TNO‘s Orchestrating Innovation approach and the associated course. The Orchestrating Innovation approach revolves around the design and realization – systemic co-design – of an innovation network aimed at social impact.

Frank gives a masterclass on the Orchestrating Innovation approach. We then will design/map our own innovation network using one of the tools from the course. Finally, we shall exchange ideas about differences, overlap and points of contact between the participants’ practices.

Orchestrating Innovation
The innovation landscape in the Netherlands and Europe is extremely fragmented, while societal challenges require large-scale change. The path from idea to scaled-up and effective innovation has many barriers, requiring seamless coordination between public and private actors. Such collaborations are already being established in field labs, living labs, centers of expertise, expertise networks, shared research, innovation hubs, clusters, etc. But how do these work? What is the business model, and how can we increase its effectiveness?

The approach
Such questions are central to the approach that TNO developed and offers as a course together with the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship and Rotterdam School of Management. About 150 orchestrators have now been trained with this approach which revolves around the design and realization of an innovation hub or network focused on social impact. That sounds like systemic co-design, collaboration around innovation and social impact. This approach is rooted in analyzing the ecosystem and involving different actors along the path from idea to realization to scale-up and impact. It approaches an innovation hub as a business-like collaborative organization and is useful for anyone who shapes or is closely involved in a living lab, field lab, innovation hub or network, etc.

– walk in
– introduction to Orchestrating Innovation
– work session
-exploring our differences, overlap and points of connection
– closing

Frank Berkers is lecturer in Business for Societal Transition at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and lead scientist for networked business models at TNO Vector and developer of the Orchestrating Innovation approach.