ESCall for ESCreative partners

ESCall for ESCreative partners

What is it about? (Resume)

As an expertise network, we want to share and use the knowledge and experience of all partners involved to strengthen each other and jointly make faster progress on transition tasks. ESCape calls on creative industry partners to convert practical experiences into concrete, shareable knowledge products, where they can apply for an incentive contribution of up to 7,500 euros per partner for the development of tools, working methods or other knowledge products that contribute to the design repertoire of Systemic Co-Design (SCD).


Applications received after 11:59 PM on June 30 will not be processed.


This is a call in Dutch only

As an expertise network, we want to share the knowledge and experience of all partners involved and use it optimally to strengthen each other and accelerate together in tackling transition tasks. Where it is common for lecturers and researchers to be explicit
To encompass and unlock knowledge in various knowledge product forms, this often remains implicit among creative industry partners and is not self-evident and usually not included in projects. With this comes a wealth of experience,
knowledge and data are lost and it is difficult to build on each other’s expertise and experience. We as ESCape (researchers and practice partners) can boost knowledge development in the field of Systemic Co-Design (SCD) by bringing these practical experiences to the surface in concrete knowledge products.

With the ESCall for our ESCreatieve partners, we want to ask the practical partners of ESC to develop a potential SCD knowledge product or set of knowledge products (design principles, tool, toolkit, working methods, approach) in such a way that it can be shared and used in contexts other than those in which they originated. This knowledge product or set of knowledge products contribute to the SCD design repertoire and its arsenal of working methods, tools and instruments that can be used to tackle transition issues together.

This gives ESC partners the opportunity to create something they would otherwise not have the opportunity to do. Something new, creative, in which the power of creation in the context of SCD is made tangible, experienceable and transferable. Practice partners of ESC can submit a one-off application for an incentive contribution of up to 7,500 euros per partner. It is permitted and even recommended for partners to work together and combine budgets.

We will translate the results (knowledge products) of the scheme into an exhibition and/or publication in our magazine in 2024 and possibly also at the DDW.

Who can apply for this?

  • Practical partners from the creative industry who are involved in ESC and who have signed a declaration of intent for the use of co-financing.
  • Mini-coalitions of 2 or more of these practical partners from the creative industry, possibly supplemented with a social partner. The creative industry partner is then the main applicant.
  • Each practice partner from the network can submit a maximum of 1 application as main applicant.
  • You are willing to share your knowledge and experience and inspire others through ESC meetings and publications.

Available budget

  • 7,500 euros is available for each application by a practice partner.
  • If practice partners collaborate in an application, a maximum of 7,500 euros is available per practice partner.
  • The total budget for this scheme is 60,000 euros. So a maximum of 8 practice partners can participate.

The application is eligible if:

  • The main applicant is a practice partner of ESC.
  • There is a clear combination of Systemic, Co and Design.
  • Provides new insights or tools that can be used by ESC network partners. An explanation, guide or instruction for use is part of the results to be delivered.
  • This builds on ESC’s dynamic learning agenda.
  • This leads to a concrete (creative) knowledge product that can be used in a final exhibition of the awarded projects.
  • The tool or working method arises from a practical case in one of the focus areas of ESC: The Sustainable Society, The Healthy Society, The Digitaaal
  • You are willing to share the end product through ESC channels, whereby the intellectual property remains entirely with the practice partner.
  • You provide a dissemination presentation / workshop using an Escalator in the autumn of 2024 or by attending the DDW 2024.
  • During the course you have an “ESCapade” with a lecturer ‘of your choice’, to reflect on the knowledge product to be developed or the concrete tool(s) / working method.

Which costs may be claimed?
The budget can be spent on co-design sessions with each other, creating knowledge product concepts and developing a knowledge product prototype per request. The funds can be used for hours of the practice partners involved and material costs required to create the knowledge products.

Selection procedure

  • The (main) applicant completes the application form, the deadline for which is June 30, 2024;
  • The application is assessed by a committee consisting of members of the lecturer team and the expert council of ESC;
  • You will be notified by July 10, 2024 at the latest whether the application has been approved.

Announcement and call May 27 during the ES Conference in PdZ
Submit proposals no later than June 30
Selection committee July 4
Escapades Aug 20 – Sept 15
Delivery October 1st Publication / Presentation mid-October (DDW) or November / December (ESCalator)

The application can be submitted via this form. You can also choose to complete the form and support the application with images, film or other material. In that case, all material must be submitted via

Applications received after 11:59 PM on June 30 will not be processed.

A budget is part of the application.