ESC co-researches collaboration Regional Development Societies

ESC co-researches collaboration Regional Development Societies

Utrecht University and Inholland University of Applied Sciences will work together with all Regional Development Societies (ROMs) in the Netherlands to conduct transdisciplinary research into collaboration between the ROMs and other parties (SMEs, policy makers, etc.) outside their regions. This is done in close collaboration with the Expertnetwork Systemic Co-Design .

Professor Wina Smeenk: “This research is about systemic co-design: we will collaborate supra-regionally and build ecosystems with our ESC partner, the ROMs.”

The research focuses on identifying, developing and sharing best practices for and in experimental environments. The aim is to improve ecosystems for sustainable entrepreneurship.

The Expertnetwork Systemic Co-design is experienced in working in experimental environments; it has an extensive co-design network throughout the Netherlands. For this research, Utrecht University works closely with ESC lecturers and researchers from the Societal Impact Design research group (Inholland) and the Designing Value Networks research group (The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

17 April 2024